Homesick in the Philippines

Day 5:

After failing to get seated the prior day, we set out early for the Spider Bar. The plan was to have lunch & dinner there, to enjoy the incredible sunset views. While the view was great, the service was lacking. We all opted to enjoy dinner in the town instead. After dinner, I set off for my new accommodation. I had decided to book myself a couple of nights at the infamous Mad Monkey hostel, known around the island as the go to party destination.

Blog 4

Day 6-8:

Following my late-night shenanigans, I spent the next day resting & planning out the trek to my next destination. I booked a night at the Green Monkey hotel, which had what I truly desired, Wi-Fi & air conditioning. Missing friends & family back home, I finally started to get a bit homesick. I wanted familiarity, Netflix was a must. At least on this island, it felt like the only way to make friends was by going out & drinking. I wasn’t ready to continue that pace for the next couple of months.

While beautiful, Boracay lacks any major historical landmarks. I felt like I had seen all that the island had to offer & was ready to hit the road. I grabbed breakfast on the beach at the famous Ngi Ngi Noo Noos & hopped on a trike towards the local ferry. From the ferry, I hopped into a van, working my way South-East towards my next destination. I had vastly underestimated how sprawled out the Filipino islands are, so I wound up making an overnight stop in Iloilo on my way towards Dumaguete.

To be continued…

Make sure to check out the video on YouTube: Exploring the Philippines – Backpacking Asia


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