50 Bucket List Items To Do Before You Die

As many of you may know this site has been known for identifying some of the world top Bucket List Adventures. Up Until now we had identified the top 100 items to do before you die. It’s my pleasure to announce we’re expanding that list to include 50 new items everyone should do. Enjoy:

  1. Have a Sake bomb in Asia
  2. Visit Navagio Beach in Greece
  3. Spend the night in a castle
  4. Climb the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven)
  5. Visit Marina Bay Sands
  6. Snorkel with Turtles
  7. Get a drink at Cloud 9 in Fiji
  8. Go Spring Skiing without a shirt
  9. Get a massage on the beach
  10. Visit Horseshoe Bend
  11. Go Fishing in Alaska
  12. Stay on Laucala Island
  13. Surf in sand dunes
  14. Visit Mount Fuji
  15. Eat sushi in Japan
  16. Visit Big Sur
  17. Live in a foreign country
  18. Start a blog
  19. Shower in a waterfall
  20. Feed a monkey
  21. Graduate with a master’s degree
  22. Be interviewed on National TV
  23. Give a speech to 2000+ people
  24. Stand on the Equator
  25. Visit 10 countries in 1 year
  26. Ride a train through Europe
  27. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
  28. Visit the Florida Keys
  29. Visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue
  30. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  31. Throw out the first pitch at a MLB game
  32. Helicopter ride over New York
  33. Go to Porsche/BMW driving school
  34. Fly first class internationally
  35. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame
  36. Swim in Kawasan Falls
  37. Workout with professional athletes
  38. Meet the President of the United States
  39. Swim in Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  40. Stay in a villa in Bali
  41. Visit Banff National Park
  42. Sleep on a mountain
  43. Go Champagne tasting in France
  44. Go Wine tasting in Napa Valley
  45. Go Surfing in Hawaii
  46. Visit Angkor Wat
  47. Go tubing down the Mekong River
  48. Visit the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines
  49. Take a cooking class in Thailand
  50. Participate in Songkran water balloon festival


Life Update: As many of you know I haven’t been posting nearly as much on the blog or YouTube channel recently. Fortunately, that’s all about to change. Just recently I had the opportunity to plan out a 2-month trek across SE Asia. The timing of everything isn’t yet finalized but I can tell you this much. I will be exploring as much of the region as humanly possible. Content updates should begin around mid-January. I expect to visit between 6-8 countries sticking primarily to budget friendly accommodation & transportation. With all this exciting travel you can expect much more frequent updates to the blog regarding destination travel tips, tricks, funny stories & more. YouTube will be the biggest benefactor as I’ll release dozens of travel vlogs. The tentative plan is to vlog 2 or 3 times a week. Depending on demand, that number may increase. As always, I’ll stay active on Instagram where you can get a look into the life of a digital nomad. I’m excited to check off a few more Bucket List Adventures items as I take this once in a lifetime journey. Stay tuned for the ride & follow along on social media!


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Should I stay at an All-Inclusive Resort?

As an avid traveler I’ve had the opportunity to stay at dozens of places around the world. From budget hotels/hostels to high-end resorts. One of the questions I get all the time is whether or not All-Inclusive is worth it. So without further ado here’s my guide to All-Inclusive Resorts:

Sightseeing VS Relaxing:

If you’re the type of traveler who’s on the road because your looking to see various sights around your destination, you’re going to want to avoid All-Inclusive resorts. These resorts are generally designed for travelers who want to do minimal planning. However, if your simply on the road to get a break from reality & don’t care much for exploring then All-Inclusive might be perfect for you.

Quality VS Quantity:

All-Inclusive resorts tend to be massive. Because they’re so big theirs only so much specialization available. Based on my experiences, the food & drinks are generally average. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your looking to indulge yourself in copious amounts of food or alcohol then this is the perfect setup. I’ve noticed All-Inclusive resorts typically attract a younger crowd because they enjoy the accessibility of food & beverages. However, if you’re looking for a premium cocktail & gourmet meal then your likely out of luck.


One of the best things about staying at an All-Inclusive resort is that 90% of your expenses are already covered when you get there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on vacation expecting to spend X amount of money, then next thing I know I’m racking up a hefty credit card bill. However, I should note that All-Inclusive resorts aren’t always the best deal. Based on my experience All-Inclusive packages tend to be an additional $60-120 USD per day. Your own personal consumption habits will determine whether or not the cost is justifiable.


Whether or not you choose to stay All-Inclusive is 100% a matter of your own habits & expectations. Theirs no cut & dry answer because circumstances change. To get a better idea of whether or not you should go All-Inclusive. You must first decide if you want to party or relax, consume quantity or quality & how fiscally responsible you’re planning on being while on vacation. Comment below your take on All-Inclusive resorts. Yay or nay?

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Traveling is Cheap

A common misconception prevails when it comes to the idea of traveling. That traveling is expensive & those who travel are rich. Fortunately, that’s not actually true. Don’t get me wrong, it can be very pricey if your eating out constantly & staying at luxurious accommodations. But for the budget-savvy individual who wants to explore with limited resources theirs actually plenty of opportunity out there. Below are my tops tips for how to travel the world cheaply.

  1. Spend minimally on accommodation – If you trying to travel the world, odds are you actually want to see it & not be cooped up in your residence all day. The #1 expense for most travelers tends to be their accommodation. Fortunately a great program exists called workaway. It’s a website that links up travelers with a place to stay in exchange for a few hours of work daily whether it’s at a hostel, on a farm, etc.. For those of you who are even more adventurous, couchsurfing offers travelers a couch at a strangers house for free. People oftentimes host foreigners in hopes that if they too are traveling down the road someone else will open up their home for them.
  2. Be flexible – This one’s quite simple, yet often overlooked. When booking transportation, a surefire way to save is by looking up their low fare calendar or +/- 3 days option to see if traveling on another day will save $. It’s an easy way to save a few hundred dollars on long flights/trains/buses.
  3. Eat street food – If you have a weak stomach this one may not be for you. But for most people, this will be beneficial for their wallet & taste buds. Street food is often an authentic representation of an areas culture. It also happens to be relatively cheap.

Obviously theirs dozens of other ways to pinch pennies, but these were my top 3 for cost cutting. Comment below what your top strategies are for traveling cheaply.


The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who recently returned from a trip around the world. I was so excited to hear all about her adventures because I too recently traveled abroad. I was asking the typical questions, what was the craziest thing that happened, what was your favorite place, what was your least favorite place, etc.. I was quite surprised when her least favorite place happened to be my favorite place. What could have gone so terribly wrong that made our experiences the exact opposite?! I immediately attributed her experience to a lack of cultural awareness, she must have broken cultural norms to make people so rude. NOPE, she did everything as she was supposed to. So what’s the deal? Well quite frankly, theirs a stereotype out there called the ‘Ugly American’. Many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. But for those of you who are unfamiliar, the preconceived notion is this. Americans drink too much, they’re fake & they think they’re better than everyone else.

Let me stop you right there, this idea of Americans DOES NOT represent the Country as a whole! Don’t get me wrong I’m sure theirs many Americans who fit that description to a tee. However, theirs also many Europeans, Asians, Africans, Australians, Latinos & so forth who also fit this stereotype. The fact of the matter is, America is put on such a global spotlight, theirs oftentimes harsh criticism that accompanies Americans.

This post isn’t meant to rank continents or countries, rather it’s meant to dispel any preconceived notions. The fact of the matter is we all inhabit this beautiful planet together, regardless of race or religion we should accept one another’s differences & explore it together. Take time out of your day to make friends with a stranger, step outside your comfort zone. Write down your Bucket List & do everything you can to knock every item off it.

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What Camera Do I Use?

I feel like every day I get asked this question whether it’s on Instagram or YouTube, so I figured I’d finally let you all know what I use & what my opinion of it is. To date, I have exclusively used the FujiFilm XP 50 for filming videos. It’s been awesome for providing a good quality camera at a relatively low price while I hone my photography & videography skills. In terms of video it shoots in 1080P at 60 frames per second, when it comes to photography the 14MP lens was sufficient for everything I needed. One of my favorite things about it is that it can capture audio & video underwater without using any additional housing. Really my only knock on the camera is that it’s not made to capture POV like a GoPro. It’s more of a point & shoot camera to capture your surrounding, but not necessarily yourself. If your looking to shoot action photography this will suffice because it’s burst mode captures movement very well. BUT, it’s not a camera you’re going to want to bring on the mountain to capture yourself skiing or snowboarding etc. For that I would recommend a GoPro, which speaking of which I actually just bought my first one. Stay tuned for coming videos & photos over the course of the next few weeks because I’ll be capturing media using a combination of my FujiFilm, GoPro & Iphone 6!

To get more info on the exact camera I use click HERE!

Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Ryan Wilson & I’ve created this blog to provide a medium for sharing my travel experiences with the world. From tips & tricks, crazy stories & so much more, you’ll find it all right here! At the moment I’m a full time college student so I travel every opportunity I get. However with graduation shortly upon me I will be embarking on a 6 month solo backpacking trip around the world. Stay tuned for whats to come! If you don’t already, follow me on social media.


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