Top 3 Reasons to Travel

There are a multitude of reasons why people don’t travel. For some it’s a lack of time, a lack of money & for others it’s a fear of the unknown. Having traveled overseas more than a dozen times, it’s safe to say I’ve been bit by the travel bug. The urge to explore invigorates me. But why should you do it? Is it worth all the sacrifices one must make? Here’s the top 3 reasons why YOU SHOULD TRAVEL:

  • Travel promotes cultural understanding:
    • Having knowledge of the rituals & traditions of other nations gives you an advantage in both personal & professional settings.
  • Travel challenges your limits:
    • You’ll be put into uncomfortable situations involving language barriers, food barriers, cultural norms & many more. Working through these challenge helps boost confidence.
  • Experiences are more important than things:
    • When you ultimately lay on your death bed it’s the experiences you’ve had & the relationships you’ve developed that matter. You can’t take your car to your grave but you can take your experiences.

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