What Camera Do I Use?

I feel like every day I get asked this question whether it’s on Instagram or YouTube, so I figured I’d finally let you all know what I use & what my opinion of it is. To date, I have exclusively used the FujiFilm XP 50 for filming videos. It’s been awesome for providing a good quality camera at a relatively low price while I hone my photography & videography skills. In terms of video it shoots in 1080P at 60 frames per second, when it comes to photography the 14MP lens was sufficient for everything I needed. One of my favorite things about it is that it can capture audio & video underwater without using any additional housing. Really my only knock on the camera is that it’s not made to capture POV like a GoPro. It’s more of a point & shoot camera to capture your surrounding, but not necessarily yourself. If your looking to shoot action photography this will suffice because it’s burst mode captures movement very well. BUT, it’s not a camera you’re going to want to bring on the mountain to capture yourself skiing or snowboarding etc. For that I would recommend a GoPro, which speaking of which I actually just bought my first one. Stay tuned for coming videos & photos over the course of the next few weeks because I’ll be capturing media using a combination of my FujiFilm, GoPro & Iphone 6!

To get more info on the exact camera I use click HERE!


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