Should I stay at an All-Inclusive Resort?

As an avid traveler I’ve had the opportunity to stay at dozens of places around the world. From budget hotels/hostels to high-end resorts. One of the questions I get all the time is whether or not All-Inclusive is worth it. So without further ado here’s my guide to All-Inclusive Resorts:

Sightseeing VS Relaxing:

If you’re the type of traveler who’s on the road because your looking to see various sights around your destination, you’re going to want to avoid All-Inclusive resorts. These resorts are generally designed for travelers who want to do minimal planning. However, if your simply on the road to get a break from reality & don’t care much for exploring then All-Inclusive might be perfect for you.

Quality VS Quantity:

All-Inclusive resorts tend to be massive. Because they’re so big theirs only so much specialization available. Based on my experiences, the food & drinks are generally average. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your looking to indulge yourself in copious amounts of food or alcohol then this is the perfect setup. I’ve noticed All-Inclusive resorts typically attract a younger crowd because they enjoy the accessibility of food & beverages. However, if you’re looking for a premium cocktail & gourmet meal then your likely out of luck.


One of the best things about staying at an All-Inclusive resort is that 90% of your expenses are already covered when you get there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on vacation expecting to spend X amount of money, then next thing I know I’m racking up a hefty credit card bill. However, I should note that All-Inclusive resorts aren’t always the best deal. Based on my experience All-Inclusive packages tend to be an additional $60-120 USD per day. Your own personal consumption habits will determine whether or not the cost is justifiable.


Whether or not you choose to stay All-Inclusive is 100% a matter of your own habits & expectations. Theirs no cut & dry answer because circumstances change. To get a better idea of whether or not you should go All-Inclusive. You must first decide if you want to party or relax, consume quantity or quality & how fiscally responsible you’re planning on being while on vacation. Comment below your take on All-Inclusive resorts. Yay or nay?

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2 thoughts on “Should I stay at an All-Inclusive Resort?

  1. Shaina

    Very true information about the all inclusive!! I’ve personally never done an all inclusive since I don’t vacation to relax haha I want to see everything there is to see outside of the hotel!


  2. Alli

    I find staying at all inclusiveness gives a great balance. Minimal planning overall but free to adventure out to sight see and explore!


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